Heat draws from us. Heat rises and brings thoughts to the surface.

Makes things clear from a tangled mess.

Allowing each one to take from. Giving them life.

From the murkiness of all of our minds. Everything is in my face. 

Swimming and taunting, resting in the back of my throat, no moments rest until I face each one, at its root. And challenge.

All thoughts come together, weaving and culminating into one knot. A knot that will be tugged at, until at once, in a sudden burst, it is unravelled, and each thought it free, buzzing and circling, swarming and relentless. 

In a quiet place, I take each one, grasped between my tired, trembling fingers, and bring it slowly to my eyes. I stare deep, and see. 

Becoming part of the chaos around me.

Mingling with and confusing my tired mind. All has emerged, and all that remains is a quiet anger. 

A perfect quiet rage.